Blog finder – find new blogs

Blog finder

Blog Finder is a web application that lets you find new blogs by browsing a list of recent users that made a comment or liked a post of a blog.

Blog Finder reads all the commenters and likers in the specified period and builds a list of them, sorted by the numbers of comments made.

At the time being, Blog Finder works with only. If I see interest in the product, I may consider expanding it to Blogger too and to work with WordPress blogs in general.

I think  needs some tools for blog discovery other than their current discover new blogs feature, and this small app could be an idea.

Blog Finder uses the REST API, and is one of the applications listed here. Maybe I’ll release the source code as open source soon.

Blog finder interface



There are other ways to search blogs. I wrote about them in the article  How to find new and interesting blogs. The italian version of the article can be found at Come trovare nuovi e interessanti blog