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Blog finder

A tool to find people on blogs

Blog Finder is live here!

But, what is BlogFinder?

When reading a blog, you find comments and also, on, likes, i.e. someone is telling she/he likes a post.

Usually you see one post at a time, but maybe you are interested in seeing all the users that commented or put a like. Blog Finder solves this problem: it scans all the posts in the time period specified and shows a list of users that commented or liked a post.

You can select last week, last month or last six months as periods of time.

The list of commenters is sorted by the number of comments made, the list of posts can be sorted by creation date or  by number of comments

Blog Finder finds other blogs too

Blog Finder lets you find other blogs too because when listing the users that commented a blog, it shows also the user URL which is usually the user’s site or blog, and often the user’s blog for users that leave comments on blog sites like

What blogs Blog Finder works with

Currently Blog Finder works with blogs and with every WordPress privately owned blog, and there are millions of these blogs out there! 🙂

If I see interest in the product I may extend Blog Finder data fetching to Blogger too.

How Blog Finder works

Blog Finder uses the WordPress REST API and the REST API to fetch data about blogs, comments and likes (they are quite similar, but not equal).

The WordPress REST API

The WordPress REST API lets a developer query a WordPress site just by issuing some REST calls like[keyword]

which searches for posts containing a specific keyword.

This way you don’t have to interact with WordPress using PHP or querying the database, you can also use pure JavaScript only.

The WordPress REST API was introduced into WordPress in the 4.7 release.

To use the WordPress REST API, you can issue direct “low level” HTTP calls, but you can also use the Node WP API (it is called Node WP API but works even without Node).

The same is true with the REST API: there is a JavaScript client, WP COM JS

You can find a list of WordPress REST API applications here.

Blog Finder autodetect

Some blogs show a private domain name (I mean not a subdomain name), but are actually hosted on, so one should access them using the REST API. Blog Finder tries first using the right call analyzing the domain name, but if it gets an error, it tries then to check if the blog is hosted on In this way the app is able to work both with blogs ending in, and with privately held blogs and with blogs with an own domain name but hosted on

Blog Finder source code

Blog Finder source code is released under the MIT License and can be found here

Tools used

  • React is used to build the user interface
  • MobX is used to maintain the app state
  • Webpack is used to bundle modules
  • Blog finder uses the promise queue package to be polite and make only two request at a time when fetching data.

Blog finder interface



There are other ways to search blogs. I wrote about them in the article  How to find new and interesting blogs. The italian version of the article can be found at Come trovare nuovi e interessanti blog

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