How to find new and interesting blogs

Find Blogs

How to do to find a new and interesting blog, starting from a few keywords or from an already known blog?

A few methods follow, continuosly updated, thanks also to you suggestions too!

Blog directories

Blog search engines

  • Blog search engine
  • Blogspot search
  • Google blog search: from a search page, select News, then click over Tools, and finally over All the news and choose  blog. This is what remains of Google blog search (which was closed in 2011).
  • Google specific search: you can find blog on or on writing your query as “ keywords” or “ keywords”, where keywords are the keywords to be searched, separated by a space

Blog finder

Blog Finder

If you’re interested in blogs hosted on on, you can use Blog finder, which, starting from a given blog, shows the blogs of the users that commented or gave a like. They often belongs to  people having similar interests to the ones of the blog owner you started from.
Blogfinder shows the blogger icons, the gravatars, which you can click if you want to seem them enlarged, together with the commenter’s blogs. The number of comments and like given is reported too.
Here you can find a description of BlogFinder, tool that was written by me.

Browsing the blogs

Many blogs have a blogroll, a list of friends of the blogger or however a list of blogs that the owner thinks are worth visiting. Probably the subject of the blogs in the blogroll is similar to the one of the blog where it is published.
Another method, which is the one used by BlogFinder as written before, is clicking on the comments or on the likes, to go to the blogs of the commeters or likers.

Special directories

  • BlogsOfNote: Blogger curates a list of interesting blogs, as it writes on the page heading: Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the team.