How to add comments or Disqus to WordPress pages

To add Disqus comments to WordPress pages, you just have to open comments on the pages you want. Doing so, you can selectively add Disqus comments to your wordpress pages! Just a click.

When you install the WordPress Disqus Commenting System plugin, Disqus comments are added to posts, but not to pages because comments are closed! Also normal comments are closed, not only the Disqus ones.

To open comments on a WordPress page, one solution is to install the One Click Close Comments plugin, which opens or closes the comments easily.

Open comments on WordPress pages with One click close cmments plugin

Now, you can go to the WordPress dashboard -> pages section and enable comments by clicking on the circles near the author’s name (red circles mean comments are closed, green circles that are open). You can go to the post list page in the dashboard and do the same, nut for comments this plugin is not needed.

So, you don’t need to modify any page template as I read on the web. At least with the twentysixteen theme.

Just to explain why, this is so because of the structure of the php code in the page.php file, which is, for the comments

You see that the template checks whether comments are open or not, and decides to show comments or not.