How to create a child theme for Twenty Sixteen

A child theme, in WordPress, according to the definition in the Codex, is

…a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme

Creating a child theme is the recommended way to change the appearance of your theme.

These are the basic  instructions to create a child theme for the Twenty Sixteen theme:

  1. create the directory wp-content/themes/twentysixteen-child
  2. create the file style.css inside the dir, containing the following lines
  3. replace the author in the Author line with your name
  4. create the file functions.php  inside the twentysixteen-child dir, containing the following lines
  5. Go to WordPress Administration->Appearance->Themes, and activate your new TwentySixteen-child theme.
  6. If you have modified any theme option, you may have to re-save it.
  7. All done.

Further details, as creating a child theme from an already modified parent theme, can be found in the Codex

Twenty Sixteen child theme